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The Future of Travel is Now:
Navigating with eSIM Technology

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The Top Benefits of Embracing eSIM Technology

Works with your existing SIM-card

Keep your SIM card and phone plan to receive calls, while using our eSIM data plans for apps and internet

Flexible plans in 100+ countries

Stay connected to high-speed data anywhere in the world, without expensive roaming fees

Affordable price

Up to 85% cheaper than roaming with your own carrier. No hidden fees and unexpected bills

No hidden fees Prepaid data only

Enjoy high-speed internet with one prepaid plan without fear of being overcharged

Fast and Easy No SIM card needed

With eSIM or an embedded SIM card, you can go online in a few simple steps

Instant activation

Activate on your phone or another device in less than 5 minutes, no SIM card needed

How it works

VeloeSIM revolutionizes travel connectivity with its seamless eSIM solutions. Our app simplifies the process, allowing users to activate their eSIM quickly and conveniently without the need for physical cards. Choose from a variety of flexibl data plans tailored to your travel needs, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever you go. Plus, with our referral program, both you and your friends can enjoy rewards when you share the benefits of VeloeSIM. Join our community of satisfied travelers and experience hassle-free connectivity on your next adventure.

Step 1

Choose a data plan for your upcoming trip

Step 2

Enable eSim on your phone

Step 3

Enjoy fast 4/5G internet while traveling

Get rewards for referral

Unlock rewards with the Velo eSIM referral program! Spread the word about seamless connectivity and earn credits for you and your friends. It’s a win-win for staying connected and saving on your travels. Join the referral program today and start earning!

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